Mystery image

web_10.jpgSo I’m cleaning up old files when I find this image in a long-forgotten directory. It’s named “web_1.0”, which turns up nothing at Google Images.

I know that it’s from some WWW conference. I downloaded it because for some reason, I think it’s a hilarious image. Might even have lifted it from Nodalpoint. Any ideas?

images.jpegTalking of Google Images, they’ve come up with a game to improve their service. It’s called Image Labeler. They pair you with someone else on the net and show you small, blurry images for two minutes. You each describe them. If you match with your partner, you score points and get a new image. It’s strangely compelling. And frustrating – my partner guessed “people, eskimos, eskimo, four eskimos, wallpaper, comic, snow” for the image on the right, I was yelling “south park”.