We’re not that isolated

Ancient Australians Were a People Apart

Interesting ScienceNOW article, well worth a read. The introduction made me laugh though:

Australia has always been a remote place, and getting there today is no easy task.

You get on a plane and it’s about 14 hours from the US Pacific coast to our Pacific coast. If you have the airfare, it’s really not so difficult. Come see us.

The Onion-esque Despite warnings, most U.S. babies watch TV made me laugh too.

2 thoughts on “We’re not that isolated

  1. 14 hours? Man, that’s why we need supersonic jets, to hell with noise pollution and massive fuel wastage. I get antsy just in the eight hours to Europe. Plus, anyone worth your while in the US lives on the Atlantic coast, so it’s gotta be more than 14 hours. Australia just is too far from anywhere, except maybe New Zealand and New Guinea.

    Case in point — a faculty member here is going back to his native Australia and is trying to get his Chinese subordinate to join him there. At first, he thought he had a knockout case — “come join me at Macquarie — it will make going home to your family in China much easier” — until said subordinate actually looked up the flights. It turns out going to China isn’t much quicker from Australia than the US.

  2. No no. Everywhere else is too far from Australia ;)
    It’s a wide land too. I remember when I first arrived, watching the animated map in the plane. We hit the north coast and I thought “yay, here we are!” Four hours later, still flying.

    Yeah, whatever happened to supersonic transport. When I was a kid reading New Scientist, I was promised HOTOL. London-Sydney in 90 minutes, that’s more like it. The same people are now promising Skylon. I’m not holding my breath.

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