Uh-oh, evolution misconceptions alert

If you’re looking for a really poor opinion piece by someone who doesn’t understand biology, followed by a bunch of even less informed comment, try Human evolution has stalled, over at Kuro5hin. You thought I was going to say Slashdot, didn’t you!

Gems include:

  • “runs counter to the purpose of evolution”
  • “evolution itself encourages adaptive traits while weeding out maladaptive traits”
  • “for untold millenia, natural selection has directed the evolution of life on this planet, gradually from simple primordial goo into more complex life forms”

and of course, a complete failure to understand “fitness” in the Darwinian sense.

One of those evolution bloggers needs to go over there and sort them out. You reading this RPM?

4 thoughts on “Uh-oh, evolution misconceptions alert

  1. Phew!!! For a second there, I thought you were taking the “if I can’t beat them, join ’em” approach. Them = the seed/scienceblogs crowd

  2. As it happens, I came here for your Bio::Blogs link on Unix tools, was inspired by your example to brush up on the use of sort, cut and the others that I’ve neglected in favor of Python five-liners, and it’s significantly increased my productivity. So don’t feel bad about the computer stuff!!!

    That said, yes, I did think you were going to say Slashdot. (A few days ago I was reading that insane New York Times op-ed comparing pharmaceutical patents to patenting ancient yoga poses and thought “I swear, this is dumber than Slashdot!”

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