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I’m a big fan of the Zotero extension for Firefox. Old news from their blog earlier this year:

Currently there are several teams of developers working to integrate Zotero with popular social bookmarking sites like and reference management sites like Connotea.

This is tremendously exciting. You’d be able to search PubMed, one-click save using Zotero, sync your references to a shared, online resource and grab them back for citation in various formats. That’s pretty much the holy grail of reference management and bibliography as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. I agree that this is a killer feature. We’d like to provide similar functionality for refbase via a little Zotero utility which will push a Zotero record to a refbase server right after it was added in Zotero.

    W.r.t grabbing references back from the server for citation in various formats, I’ve developed features which help to keep an offline BibTeX (or MODS XML) file in sync with an online refbase server. An upcoming version of the ‘refbase’ command line client will be able to automatically append newly found records to an offline BibTeX file (if they don’t yet exist in that file), and update existing records in that file if their modification date on the server is more recent. In addition, it can extract citation IDs from a LaTeX file and update a BibTeX file with all missing references. -m

  2. Wow! Thanks for introducing me to Zotero. Now the trick is to just get my co-authors to use it too. Like most non-techy biologists, they are fans of EndNote, but as a Linux (where Endnote doesn’t exist) and OS X (where Endnote exists but is terribly crashy) user, I’m not terribly impressed by it. I’d be happy with LaTeX and BibTeX myself (that’s how I wrote my dissertation), but that doesn’t work too well for collaborating with non-geeks.

  3. Zotero rocks. I have the same issue as you – I’ve recently moved to LaTeX + BibTex, in a lab where everyone else is Word + EndNote. All attempts to even make people aware of the alternatives have failed. I can’t even get them to export their EndNote databases to RIS and deposit them on a server where others could make use of them. The benefits of a shared online resource like refbase left them cold. I could go on, but I’ve learned over the years to let these things go. It’s not worth the stress.

  4. Zotero does rock. I have not used it quite as much as I should, but some of these new features will make it even more useful.

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