So why doesn’t everyone use it?

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A recent analysis by Brian Krebs from The Washington Post
showed IE6 was vulnerable to critical flaws for 284 days of last
year, compared with a single nine-day period of vulnerability for

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If that’s true – why would anyone choose IE over the alternatives?

4 thoughts on “So why doesn’t everyone use it?

  1. If they use Windows (which 90+% of people do, even if I don’t), IE is installed already. Trying to convince non-geeks to install and use a new program is hard; they don’t care about open source or cross platform compatibility, so the standard moral arguments for geeks are lost on them, and the practical security arguments are generally countered by the false assertion “Well, all those viruses and things are just problems for people who pirate music or software or visit porn sites; they aren’t problems for us.”

    I speak from experience trying to get non-techy relatives to use Firefox and failing.

  2. Yeah, I forget that a lot of people just buy their computer from the store with pre-installed Windows and never do anything to it. It’s such an unnatural way to live.

  3. Work reasons figure heavily. Our IT department supports IE and nothing else. Not even IE7, as yet…..

  4. Work reasons figure heavily

    Something else I hadn’t thought about. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t install what I wanted at work. It’s a fringe benefit of working at a university. I wonder about these IT policies though – what do they think will happen if you run a “non-approved” browser? As for the “we can’t support it” argument – well no, they can’t. It’s a whole different notion of support – one that empowers users instead of treating them like idiots.

    rant over…

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