Stupidity or altruism?

‘Fair go’ not stupidity gives scammers millions: police

Apparently, up to AUD 400 000 a month leaves Queensland, bound for Nigerian-based email scams.

“I think the Australian culture is to give everyone a fair go and I think we give people the benefit of the doubt and I think because of that sometimes we’re more prone to be a victim to scams.”

Non-Australians will miss the subtext of this story. You know how every country likes to joke that the residents of one particular region are – how to put this – not too smart? So it is with Queensland. It’s not true, by the way.

So the good superintendent is just being protective of his residents. I’d suggest that stupid doesn’t mean “lacking in intelligence” – it means “prone to not using what intelligence you have”. By that definition we’re all stupid once in a while and most definitely if we fall for an email scam.