Too many networks

I’ve really warmed to the idea of social networking in recent months. There’s a drawback though – you end up subscribed to a lot of different websites, with (possibly) a lot of usernames and passwords. I suppose OpenID is supposed to alleviate this but this list of OpenID sites includes few that interest me. WordPress users – your blog URL is your OpenID, FAQ here.

I’ve created a new page titled “social networks” at this site (see Pages menu, left). Its main function is to remind me of the places where I maintain “web presence”, but perhaps there’s also something of interest to others there.

3 thoughts on “Too many networks

  1. I’ve been meaning to implement OpenID on my own site and have been using it at a few others, notably Highrise. The usage seems to be increasing with the kind of support OpenID has in the tech industry.

    As far as social networks are concerned, I am with you. If all used OpenID, it would be soooo much easier.

  2. For those sites that don’t accept OpenID, use PassPack – a free, anonymous (no email) online password manager and personal vault.

    You can keep track of which sites you use which OpenID on (yes, many have more than one), store logins for sites that don’t have OpenID, and organize lots of other little codes, registration keys, numbers, notes and links.

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