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Slideshare is an online community for sharing presentations. It came to my attention a few months ago via Pedro’s blog post. There’s a similar service at

Slideshare is excellent: you can upload Powerpoint, OpenOffice or PDF presentations which are converted to a YouTube-like Flash presentation. You can add tags, view slides full-screen and share your slide either at the site or by embedding code in a web page. On that last point – WordPress now has code to embed your slideshow in a blog post.

I tested the service using these slides from a talk that I gave to my school last year, on genomic analysis of cold-adapted microorganisms. You can follow that link or see an embedded version, below.
Slideshare presentations tagged “bioinformatics” are here.

5 thoughts on “Slideshare and WordPress

  1. Slideshare is quite cool. I use it a bit when I want to get ideas on a subject or two (finding slides on marketing and investment is not too difficult). Finally put one of mine up there as well.

  2. It is a cool service, as well as scribd. Last time I checked slideshare was still missing the animations but that could be done also using multiple slides. Google will get it’s own version out in the summer (apparently).

    On a scientific note, what about protein dynamics ? protein/Lipid composition of the wall/membrane ? and from a even wackier view point, could it possible to these cells use some kind of metabolic waste cycle to warm up the cell ? (just trowing ideas in the air :).

  3. On a scientific note

    All good questions. Indeed, there are multiple factors that work together to allow cold-adaptation. Protein dynamics/flexibility is important – there have been one or two MD simulations published recently. Membrane lipid saturation is also important. I’ve never heard the idea that the cells can warm themselves but it’s an interesting one – we just assume that the interior of the cell is at ambient temperature, don’t we.

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