Bugger. Someone has tagged me with one of those blog memes. It’s called 5 Blogs That Make Me Think.

I am of course flattered, but now the law of the blogosphere dictates that I respond. My reader currently contains 72 subscriptions – I’ve cut down recently! – and only a small proportion are from blogs. Most of them are news, journal TOCs and software announcements. Let me make it clear that my list of five is just a selection of the top of my head, in no particular order.

  • Public Rambling
    No bioinformatics-related list would be complete without Pedro, whose enthusiasm inspires me to keep going.
  • The Loom
    By far the best of the Seed ScienceBlogs collection and one of only two that I bother to read from there.
  • Open Reading Frame
    It doesn’t update as much as I’d like, but is always a good read when it does.
  • Asymptotia
    Perhaps a little constrained by the Cosmic Variance format, Clifford has carved his own niche with observations on physics, teaching, science, spirituality and everyday life in LA.
  • Monbiot.com
    I go here for a fix of well-researched, lucid and rational writing on politics and environmentalism.

Note to self: should make my subscriptions public, somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. I appreciate the kind words — but I already got tagged with this one and I’m buggered if I’m doing it twice!

    Will your reader export an OPML file of your subscriptions? If so, Bloglines will import that — and then generate a blogroll for you (it’s how I do mine).

  2. Thanks for the Bloglines tip – first time I’ve tried out Bloglines, quite impressed. Not keen on the blogroll HTML, but the public page is pretty good.
    One issue – it seems to struggle with the feed URLs for a PubMed search.

  3. Ah, I haven’t tried that. I use the “MyNCBI” thingy to have my searches mailed to me — I read ’em in mail, but Bloglines will set up an email address so they show up in the reader. Probably still not quite what you’re after though.

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