Web 2.0: Scientists Need to Mash It Up

A short but useful article clipped from BioIT World. I discovered this whilst pursuing another fruitless LIMS quest.

clipped from www.bio-itworld.com

April 06, 2006 | BOSTON — Unless science adopts a “bottom-up” rather than a “top-down” approach to Web-based knowledge sharing, it risks being bypassed by developments on the Web. That was the main thrust of a “Web 2.0” workshop at Bio-IT World’s Life Sciences Conference + Expo in Boston this week.

Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, pointed out that during the dot-com bust, those dot-coms that survived did so because they harnessed the collective intelligence of their users to make their application better. Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and other survivors have three to four invitations per page for users to contribute, O’Reilly pointed out.

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