(Nature) Networking

I finally got around to signing up for Nature Network and joined the bioinformatics group. Some familiar faces.
The process might have been smoother except when signing up from my work computer, Nature.com insisted that I was someone called “a.connolly”, also of the University of Queensland. No problems from my home machine. What’s that about?

It’s a little quiet there just now – perhaps people are wary of spreading themselves around too many social networks or just waiting to see how it develops? If nothing else, I think it’s good to have a “presence” at these types of portals, just to maximise the chances that the right people can find you.

One thought on “(Nature) Networking

  1. That is why I like the concept of OpenID and some other related concepts. As Chris Pirillo put it once, are we really going to separate our friends by social networks (or IM clients).

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