A weekend of plugins

Plugins.  Add-ons.  Extensions.  You know, those things that make Firefox even better. Here are my latest favourites.

  • Google Reader Notifier
    Sits unobtrusively in the status bar and indicates the number of unread Reader items. Hover over it to see categories; click it to go to Reader, set preferences or update count. Clean and simple.
  • Gmail Space
    Presents you with an FTP-like interface to your Gmail account. You can then use your Gmail space to backup local files – they appear as a new email with the file as attachment. Very nice.
  • DapperFox
    Presents an icon in the URL bar which lets you create a Dapper feed or see Dapper feeds created by other people. I’m not yet 100% convinced by Dapper but this is a good utility if you use it.
  • ScribeFire
    Previously known as Performancing, this is an integrated blog editor. Works nicely with WordPress.com. Seems a little pointless given that if I’m in my browser, I can blog at the WordPress site but some people claim that ScribeFire is quicker and full-featured. I’m giving it a go for this post.

On the Ubuntu front – ‘sudo apt-get install checkgmail’ for a system tray Gmail notifier.