Does anyone not like GTDGmail?

Check out the comments for the GTDGmail extension. It’s some kind of internet love-fest. No wonder that some suggest GTD is a cult.
FWIW, I installed it and found that I could no longer edit my Gmail contacts – clicking a contact just reloaded the page. I wasn’t impressed and promptly uninstalled.

update: seems that particular machine has Firefox javascript issues and this is not a general GTDGmail problem

5 thoughts on “Does anyone not like GTDGmail?

  1. I remember trying this out. Once in a while I think it would be great to have better ways to organize my work and I search for these type of tools. I usually installed them but it almost invariably makes me waste more time setting things up and keeping things organized in the tool than not having any of these tools at all. I also quickly uninstalled it.

  2. Yes, time spent learning a system versus time spent actually doing work is always a big factor. If you’re really struggling and feel overwhelmed, it probably is worth taking some time out to get organised.

    I like the concepts of GTD – empty your head, get tasks into a system that suits you, work at small goals, do easy things straight away. However, it comes with a bunch of concepts and terminology that frankly, I can’t be bothered with. The simple Gmail trick of “” and a ToDo filter suits me better.

  3. Hi guys,

    I’m actually the author of GTDInbox (what was GTDGmail) and hear what you’re saying. With GTDInbox, I only chose a small subset of ‘GTD’ -> I’m fundamentally lazy and don’t want any tool to add new barriers to work.
    Having recently started to look again at its development, I can see there is still much more that can be done to *fluidly* assist with the job of managing tasks/emails. I.e. reduce some more clunk! It’s refreshing to hear some of the complaints, maybe they can help improve the product later (I also accept that not everyone will be pleased, and it would be madness to try…).

    Specifically to @nsaunders – I don’t doubt you if uninstalling cleared up the problem – but I could not recreate the Contacts issue you had on this machine. Our integration is pretty lightweight; we create our own new spaces in the UI, rather than interfere with old ones.

    Maybe the future overhaul will be to your benefit too – I hope so – but in the meantime, all the best with whatever works for you!

  4. Thanks Andy for the good-natured comments, I know anonymous blog criticism can be annoying for authors!

    I do like the idea of GTDInbox and expect to give it another shot in the near-future. My problem may be machine-specific as Firefox on the same machine has a problem creating Google Reader clips, whereas my work machine is fine.

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