Random Ubuntu Edgy notes: PyMol, sshfs, OO

  • On my system, the Debian wrapper script /usr/bin/pymol points to non-existent paths. Replace “python2.4.4” with “python2.4” throughout if you’re in the same boat.
  • Ubuntu bloggers are extolling the virtues of sshfs/fuse – mount remote filesystems via SSH. Reasonably-clear instructions can be found here with one omission: “sudo chown root.fuse /dev/fuse”.
  • If you’ve come across an OpenOffice quickstart applet during an apt-cache search, ignore it – it’s outdated and non-functional. If you do want a systray OO starter, the required package is openoffice.org-gtk (Gnome) or openoffice.org-kde (KDE). Enable it from OO Tools->Options->OpenOffice.org->Memory (confusingly).