New NCBI BLAST in beta

I received a comment from Scott at the NCBI, announcing their new beta BLAST pages. Read what he has to say below or just follow the link to try it out.


I read your blog periodically and thought you might be interested in our Beta test of the new BLAST pages. Feel free to post this if you deem it of value to your readers.

Scott D. McGinnis, M.S.


Special Announcement: Beta Test of New BLAST Interface.

NCBI is holding a beta test for a new BLAST interface design. We invite you to try these pages and send us your comments and suggestions.

One major improvement is a new “Recent Results” feature that provides links to all of your recent BLAST search results. Another is “Saved Strategies”, which allows you to save BLAST forms with their parameters and use them later. Saved Strategies requires a free MyNCBI account, and is compatible with existing accounts. Signing in to MyNCBI also makes your Recent Results available from any browser.

Other improvements include:
– Easier navigation
– Simplified BLAST program selection
– Easy access to genome searches
– Improved Organism selection with species name auto-complete
– Automatic parameter adjustment to optimize for short queries
– A user-specifiable title for each BLAST job

The Beta test is available at:

or as a link from the BLAST home page at

Please send all comments suggestions or bug reports to