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You may have noticed that some bloggers are participating in “Just Science Week” – the aim being to blog once a day, on science topics only, for a week. The posts are aggregated here. This led me to a new blog – Fungal Genomes and Comparative Genomics, managed in part by Jason Stajich of BioPerl fame.

Frankly, I find this exercise rather suspect and apologetic. It’s as if some of the participants are feeling guilty that their so-called science blogs contain too little science and too much ranting about creationism/republicans or holiday snaps. In the case of the ScienceBlogs crowd this is largely true, which is why I began 2007 by deleting most of their feeds. I feel much healthier for it. For the rest of us – why worry? I’m quite happy to read (and maintain) a “mostly science” or “science and other stuff” blog, provided that the content keeps me amused.

If you label yourself a science blogger, the readership expects to read science posts. Perhaps you should maintain a separate blog for the other stuff. Otherwise – don’t label yourself! Simple.

4 thoughts on “Just science

  1. For me it is a good excuse to read a couple of more papers during this week and try to summarize them. Maybe in the end I can have the skeleton of a mini-review done. For a change it is nice to have a feed with lots of new blogs to discover and some easy introductions to science that is outside my field.

  2. I think the aggregator site is a good idea and I hope people make good use of it. And perhaps the exercise will remind those who’ve strayed why they started to blog in the first place.

  3. I’m with Pedro on this (although I don’t disagree on the whole ScienceBlogs thing). In reality all it changes for some of us is posting frequency and in my case it gets me to read some papers in that “read later” folder :)

  4. I must agree with you on the Week of Science and the problems with Scienceblogs.com. I also participate in this project of justscience.net, but find it not totally coordinated. By the way, with this only post, you convinced me to add you to my blogroll… :)

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