Sensing a trend

In general, I don’t find the Careers section in Nature very helpful. It often features rather general, obvious advice such as “acquiring new skills is good”, then fails to expand further. Once in a while though, there is a longer more helpful article and these are more popular, judging by the hits. The top two articles for last December are:

Should I stay or should I go?
Gut check time: should you stay in academia, on the bench or even quit science?

How to ask yourself questions about major career decisions.

Which says rather a lot, I think.

One thought on “Sensing a trend

  1. Yeah, but even the non-obvious advice seems a bit repetitive — I mean it seems like every month or two there’s a “Have you considered becoming a scientific patent lawyer by getting a law degree after your doctorate?” or “Scientific journals need people with doctorates to be on their editorial staff. Have you thought about doing that?”. Not that either is an option to be ignored, but enough is enough.

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