Comet McNaught

comet+car Each night this week around sunset I’ve left the house, wandered up the street, squinted in disgust at the clouds on the western horizon and gone back inside. Last night, we finally got lucky with the weather.

The visual experience is a good deal more impressive than these pictures suggest. I managed to choose a location with the highest concentration of suspended power lines in Brisbane, balanced the camera on a wheelie bin in the middle of the road and hoped for the best.

The first shot includes a passing car for dramatic effect. The second shows the tail quite nicely, if you can ignore the cables and the glaring street lamps. The third is a cropped version of the first.

All in all, not a great photographic experience which only enhanced my desire to live in the country! Still, I can say that I witnessed the great comet of 2007 and captured it for posterity.

Wikipedia has put together a very nice Comet McNaught entry with plenty of useful links and a great image gallery. Also try Comet McNaught as a Flickr tag.