Falling birds, falling rain

Esperance is a town in Western Australia. It’s currently a natural disaster zone following a freak storm. In a tale worthy of the X-Files, thousands of dead birds recently fell from the skies, until almost no living birds were left. Cause unknown, residents baffled.

In other news from the Australian environment, Brisbane is king of the home rainwater tank:

The council issued 16,581 rebates for tanks in the 12 months to November 30. Yet in the far larger city of Melbourne, only about 13,000 tanks have been installed since 2003, while in Sydney, the nation’s biggest metropolis, 8424 rebates were issued in the 2004-05 financial year.

And at the end of the article:

The maximum rebate available in Sydney is $800, while rebates of up to $1000 can be claimed in Melbourne.

The Brisbane rebate is $1700. Twice the rebate, twice the tanks – coincidence? Or are the Sydney millionaires just not claiming their rebate?

3 thoughts on “Falling birds, falling rain

  1. Sounds like there’s a toxicity problem of dangerous proportions in Esperance.
    What has come of the autopsies in recent days?

    Best regards,

    Catherine Walker, Programme Development

  2. It’s gone very quiet on this story. The autopsies showed no evidence of viral or bacterial infection and officials are blaming as-yet unidentified “toxins”.

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