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Bundeena wharf Happy 2007! 1/52 gone already – judging by the blogs, I’m part of the phenomenon named the great British skive by the Guardian. In my defence, I point out that many people work through most of the year without a break and save up their leave for the end.

My first task for the year is to regain enthusiasm for work. The break was spent surrounded by beaches, clear blue water and bush. The most challenging questions each day were where to swim and whether it was time to walk the dogs. Someone remind me what I do for a living?

Happily, there’s already plenty of online inspiration. Pedro shows us the fruits of his labours in a study of protein interactions. Carl Zimmer, the only contributor at ScienceBlogs worth reading regularly IMHO, has a piece in PLoS Computational Biology on the value of comparative genomics. Both Jonathan Eisen and Bill Hooker share their Open Access New Year resolutions. And over at Nodalpoint, we’re having our annual debate on the worth of the NAR Database Issue.

My hopes for the year include the complete destruction of the current academic research model and its replacement with a system centred on data quality and accessibility, rather than impact factors and individual egos :). Failing that, I’ll settle for a few publications and a permanent position.

Non-work-related goal for the year: get a decent image gallery online. On the left are a few holiday snaps from beautiful Bundeena. From top to bottom: the ferry wharf at Bundeena; a view from the bush across Port Hacking to the beaches of Cronulla and the Sydney skyline; Oscar and Lulu (sadly for me they were just for Christmas); a red-bellied black snake.

Back to it then.

Bundeena bush
Oscar and Lulu
Red-bellied black snake

3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Welcome back, I’m glad the nodal nar post on databases contributed to your “online inspiration”. As for a decent image gallery online, have you considered flickr? I reckon it’s pretty good.

  2. I have a Flickr pro account (see sidebar widget). Don’t like it much. Used to roll my own with gallery2, but I don’t have PHP/MySQL hosting just now.

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