Lights out

Next March, WWF Australia are organising Earth Hour. If all goes to plan, Sydney homes and businesses will switch off the lights for one hour, the city will fade to black and we’ll get an interesting snapshot of energy consumption.

It’s an interesting idea and a good publicity stunt. What I’d really like to see though, are some incentives and/or legislation to make energy conservation in cities the norm, not a one-off event. Do we really need all those office buildings and shop fronts illuminated throughout the night?

One thought on “Lights out

  1. Hi there. Thanks for the mention :)

    As part of the planning for this campaign (I work at WWF-Australia) I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some organisations that are working to reduce energy consumption in the City of Sydney (initiatives like the 3CBDs project, for example).

    Some businesses are already doing a lot to reduce consumption – it does make sense given there’s some $$ savings to be made. Changing habits and processes can be hard, though. Many people simply forget to turn off their computer or their lights before they leave the office. Others turn them off, only to have cleaners or security personnel turn them back on again as they do their rounds. Even where buildings have clear policies this can be an issue.

    I do hope that we see wider action as a result of the event (it’s one of the core aims of the campaign after all). It would be great to see that action taking place without legislation, but we’ll have to see ;)

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

    Regards, Grant

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