9 thoughts on “Zotero – looks great, does it work?

  1. I’m using it, and it works pretty well. I miss some features from Scrapbook, but overall it is pretty useful. Zotero team replies very well to bug reports (at least issues from first beta I posted on their developers forum were solved in current release).

  2. I’ve played with it a little now. Love the concept, quite impressed, but PubMed/HubMed scraping doesn’t work at all for me so until it does – it’s not much use. JSTOR via our library pages is fine though.

  3. Zotero is a very nice app and mostly works as advertised (I’am having some import, export & citation output problems but many of these issues seem to be resolvable by installing it into a new user profile). Zotero is also a nice complement to a refbase online server which embeds bibliographic metadata within its HTML pages as COinS (embedded OpenURL) objects. This in turn allows Zotero to automagically retrieve the citation information from all displayed records.

  4. That sounds great. I haven’t had time to check out the latest in refbase for a while, but will take a look soon.

    A new user profile didn’t help with my PubMed problems – I just get “item could not be saved” errors. However, firing up Firefox from the command line (with -ProfileManager) was a useful exercise, as I could see the errors generated. Looks like the PubMed translator isn’t parsing the page properly from what I could tell.

  5. I can confirm that – after upgrading all I did was checking if the sensing icon is present in the address bar (it wasn’t in the previous version when you changed the number of abstracts per page). Now sensing works on all pages, but saving does not work at all (in PubMed and HubMed). Waiting for the next update…

  6. I use RefWorks and also have tried Zotero. Zotero is a cute application, but VERY limited. Additionally, although it is advertised as a browser-based app, it is really a desktop app that runs in a Mozilla browser. This is quite different than say, RefWorks, where it is truly a web-based app that I can access from any computer that is connected to the Net.

    Also, Zotero does not have the ability to generate bibliographies from manuscripts in Word. This is an essential function of RefWorks (and virtually all other bibliographic software) that seems to have been glossed over. Without this functionality, it is essentially useless. They (Zotero) does say that it is coming.

  7. Zotero is a cute application, but VERY limited

    I’ve reached that conclusion too. Great idea but far too beta and limited to be of much use to me as it stands. There are some threads on the PubMed/HubMed scraping failure in their forums, they seem pretty clueless as to the cause just now.

    I wish them all the best for future development.

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