To Edgy or too edgy?

Rumours of horror upgrades to Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 are rife. Conversely, others report no problems at all.
I’ve not tried it myself but in my experience, the Ubuntu upgrade path is always more problematic than a fresh install. It’s also worth pointing out that 6.06 (Dapper) is the recommended stable release and will be supported and updated for a good while to come. Edgy isn’t named Edgy without reason.
One package that doesn’t impress me is F-Spot. It looks like a great photo management package (features include upload to Flickr, for example) and is supposed to be a highlight of the Edgy release. Unfortunately my version mangles the photo date/time (poor use of libexif I suspect) and the current Bugzilla list is 365. One for the “not yet mature” list, I feel.

3 thoughts on “To Edgy or too edgy?

  1. Although I’ve previously said that upgrades seem to work fine, I’m finding subtle – and not so subtle – breakages. One of the more bizarre ones is that no feed reader seems to launch on my 64bit machine, whereas they all work fine on the laptop upgraded at the same time. Apart from a known bug of ghtml2, I’m somewhat at a loss…

  2. My problem is most like bug 332025 – import places photos in wrong date directory. I get for instance, photos taken in 2006 ending up in a 2002 directory. I’d say that this bug was neither “minor” nor “unconfirmed”! It completely stops me from further using the package.

    I’m just assuming that the problem is connected to reading exif data. It seems to me that the only relevant date/time of a photo should be when it was taken – this is stored in the exif data regardless of timezones, locales or whatever and should be easily accessible. Other packages on my system that use exif (such as GQView) have no problems with my photos.

    update: I should add that this applies to photos taken off the hard drive – I’ve not tried straight from the camera (an Olympus 5050z). Also, just tried another couple of images: exif DateTime is 2006:06:12 09:21:11, these end up in directory 2006/06/11 (one day off, as in the bug report). There’s a lot of confusing discussion in the bug comments about timezones and locales and UTC. My two cents – just stick with exif DateTime (and don’t mangle it!)

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