Firefox 2, Ubuntu 6.06

Rumour has it that users of Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) are stuck with Firefox 1.5. I’m not quite ready for Edgy, but the good press convinced me that I am ready for Firefox 2.
This forum thread provides an installation script – “sudo sh” does the trick. Your old installation is backed up and it was hitch-free for me.
First impressions – quick with some nice features. Extensions and themes are now grouped togther as “addons”. There are extensions for most of my updates, save for mozex. Check out the recommended addons (over 1000 available) – my new favourite is the download statusbar. One feature that I really like is that when a browser restart is required, the tabs that you had open are restored. I’m not keen on the new default theme but there are plenty to choose from – Orbit Blue gets my vote just now.
Yeah, it’s a slow day at work.

One thought on “Firefox 2, Ubuntu 6.06

  1. Hmm. I did the dumbo install, moving 1.5 directories to firefox1.5 and replacing with the 2.0 ones. Worked fine (although kludgy).

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