Nature round-up

Only one contender for story of the week in the latest issue of Nature – the so-called daughter of Lucy. It’s an incredibly well-preserved 3.3 My old skeleton of a three year-old child. Fascinating, but as I’m no anthropologist I’ll send you over to John Hawks.
I also enjoyed a report of a very unusual supernova and induction of an illusory shadow person. The latter article describes a patient who sensed a mystical nearby presence when a specific brain region was electrically stimulated. Yes, it’s one of those weeks when articles outside of your field are more interesting.
Nature also announce the end of their Brief Communications section. I’m not sure that I understand their explanation for this – it’s along the lines of receiving too many low quality submissions, but they then concede that this is in part due to the format constraints. And Brief Communications Arising is to continue in web form. It’s all rather confusing.