The Phylofacts Database

Once in a while you happen across a really impressive bioinformatics resource. My link of the day is the Phylofacts database. It’s constructed by the Berkeley Phylogenomics Group and links alignments, phylogenies, domains and structural information for over 15 000 protein families. In fact there’s almost too much there to take in at once.
The database is described in this recent Genome Biology paper.

One thought on “The Phylofacts Database

  1. We at phylofacts are certainly happy to hear you enjoy our resource. It remains under active development, so expect to see a significant increase in the number of protein families as we complete coverage of model organisms, PDB, and some exciting microbial genomes. Near future additions will include means of expanding the amount of annotation available in any given protein family through the generation of data equivalency classes, and some carefully considered means of propagating annotations through the trees of our protein families in ways that will avoid the pitfalls of electronic annotation transfer and best-blast approaches.

    The best annotation is still expert curation, and what we are trying to do is create a hybrid system that provides the output of computational methods to a human curating public for ultimate jurisdiction. If you are working on a molecular system that is dear to your heart, we encourage you to visit Phylofacts and take advantage of the curation resources to add annotation to your protein family of interest. By annotating a single protein family you are improving the annotation on hundreds of protein family members.

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