First published tree genome

In Science this week, the draft genome of Populus trichocarpa, the black cottonwood tree. Also a summary article on the paper.

It’s a high-quality draft (8x coverage) sequenced at the JGI – they have a press release and a page of data for this genome. It’s a good paper – they’ve done a thorough analysis of the available data. Although one-sixth the size of the human genome, this tree has around twice as many protein-coding genes. There’s also evidence for at least two genome duplication events in its history – not uncommon in plants, many of which are polyploid. This is only the third published plant genome after Arabidopsis and rice – I’d like to see many more.

One thought on “First published tree genome

  1. Plants are really poorly explored in all these large scale data production studies. In the interactome networks there was a guy just starting to do pull-downs with tap-tagged proteins in Arabidopsis but when asked if he could scale it up (if money was not an issue) he basically said no. A two-hybrid screen should be feasible but nobody there seemed to be heading in that direction. Some people were talking and showing results on bacterial and viral interaction networks, those should be very useful for evolutionary studies.

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