Who’d have guessed?

Here’s another shocker: MPs ‘don’t understand stem cell science’. They’re going to vote on whether to allow therapeutic cloning soon you see, so about 80 of them (notably absent: PM and health minister) asked some scientists to brief them.

“Australia’s chief government scientist, said it was clear some MPs understood little about research.”

“I don’t like to use the word ill-informed, (but) I think sometimes the questions indicated they did not have a basic understanding of the biology.”

Well, good on them for trying to become better-informed, I suppose. Still, I’d really like to know which (if any) MPs have tertiary level science education. Then I’d like to know how they justify their ability to make decisions that might affect our health based on scientific evidence. Aw let’s face it, they’re just frontmen aren’t they? It’s the “staff” who are paid to know stuff.