Dark matter and hobbits

Dark matter exists! In another example of science blogs as news sources, this story quotes Sean from Cosmic Variance. He writes about the discovery in this post. For the hardcore, the paper is now in the astro-ph archive, in multiple formats. When, oh when, will biologists get a preprint archive?

Rather less exciting is the continuing hobbit debate, which is in danger of becoming tedious. The latest round (“pygmies not species”) is now published in PNAS (open access). There’s excellent discussion at John Hawks Anthropology Weblog.

2 thoughts on “Dark matter and hobbits

  1. Well, I saw the various news articles about the latest round in the Hobbit Wars. I say “latest round” because I don’t think anybody is by any means finished with this. There’s too much at stake and too many egos involved. So I don’t think this latest paper is going to settle anything. However, the pictures that accompanied the “hobbit story” was interesting, to say the least. Whether or not it is convincing is another story.
    Anne G

  2. Yes, this one will run and run. I know almost nothing about anthropology or palaeontology, so it’s hard to judge the evidence. I guess it’s worth bearing in mind Carl Sagan’s words: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. A new hominid species ranks as an extraordinary claim.

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