Managing structural genomics data

I recently discovered the website of the TB Structural Genomics Consortium. It’s very nicely designed and cross-referenced, allowing users to navigate the TB genome and rapidly locate information about protein structures.
The reason that I mention it is that the lab where I work is involved with a structural genomics project and they desperately need a way to manage their data. At the moment it’s a bunch of files in the group Wiki, which is clearly inappropriate for structured data of this nature. I’m resisting the urge to code up a MySQL schema and PHP frontend in the hope that someone else has already done so. I wonder if the software that drives the TB website, or other SG sites, is available? There seems to be a market for this kind of application.

YouTube sound fix for Firefox 1.5/Ubuntu 6.06

One day I had sound in YouTube videos, the next I didn’t. Doug’s blog to the rescue. Basically:

sudo apt-get install alsa-oss
edit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc and ensure that you have “FIREFOX_DSP=aoss”
restart all Firefoxes

and you should be right.

I don’t think the Dapper team have quite got the hang of not breaking things that worked previously on system upgrade. My advice is – if you have a Breezy box working perfectly, stick with it. If it’s a new box, Dapper is fine.