Messing with themes

I’m experimenting with the rather limited set of WordPress themes. Can we have less 2 column fixed width please? So don’t be disconcerted if things look different (and probably worse) every time you reload.

3 thoughts on “Messing with themes

  1. I’m limited to what’s on offer at, unfortunately. Not sure why they just can’t offer all available themes, but I suppose they have to make their money somewhere. What exactly is the point of offering Sandbox (a great theme idea) when no aspect of it can be edited?
    So I’ve settled on Rubric 1.0. I’m not keen on the size/position of the header image – it forces the right sidebar down, and I’m not keen on red links. But I reckon it’s the pick of the poor bunch and at least allows for a custom header image. It also occupies the screen well at different resolutions.

  2. Forgot that you were on One reason I went with my own host was because I like having the illusion of complete control, even if I don’t really take advantage of it.

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