Arthur Conan Doyle’s thesis

As a big fan of Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes and a happy resident of Edinburgh for four years, I was intrigued to find that his thesis for the doctorate of medicine is online, in the Edinburgh Research Archive. Three PDFs are available for download (the largest seems to be damaged – it opened using evince but not xpdf, for me).
Charmingly, the pages are handwritten and hand-numbered. From what I’ve read so far, there’s a fair bit of character and humour in the work. I’ve quoted a small portion below which suggests that his time in Aston was not to his liking.

“It is with diffidence that a young medical man must approach a subject upon which so many master minds have pondered – more particularly when the views which he entertains differ from any which he has encountered in his reading. Doubly diffident must he be when enforced residence in a provincial town cuts him off from those pathological and histological aids which might enable him to strengthen his arguments. In the preparation of a thesis upon such a subject the post-mortem room and the microscope are of more value than the writing desk and the library. A workman must however work with such tools as he finds to his hand and this I have endeavoured to do to the best of his my ability.”