Snippets #2

It’s one of those weeks in Nature where the news, views and editorials are more interesting than the articles. No, I’m just kidding. Check out the atom-by-atom analysis of protein unfolding, for one.

“The Australian Miracle: An Innovative Nation Revisited” doesn’t receive a rave review. “Why doesn’t the Lucky Country’s scientific and technological strength match its natural riches?” asks the opening line. Those of us who live here can tell you that the answer is quite simple. While we’re here, let’s save the lungfish.

For once the careers section contains something useful – advice for researchers contemplating a move. As someone who’s moved a lot, my advice is just do it.

Enough science. Why is almost all music journalism, with rare exceptions, so very bad? One commenter at the Observer blog has had enough. “I and most of my social group listen to and buy a lot of music in many genres. There isn’t a single one of them who doesn’t think the Observer Music Magazine is anything more than an ill-informed, badly edited, often inaccurate, shapeless and patronising waste of trees”, he writes.