Regular readers know of my endless quest for the perfect reference management/bibliography system that 100% Linux people can use. Another step in the right direction is the Bibliophile website. It’s a SourceForge-hosted initiative run by the developers of Wikindx, RefBase and PHPBibMan and is aimed at unifying the sorry mess that is open-source bibliographic software. There’s a lot of useful stuff there.
I like the look of BibORB. That may change of course :)

Sigh. BibORB was so close. The setup documentation could be improved – if you get some error involving “none.xml” when you first login, ignore it – it relates to your preferences for which database to show initially. Obviously there are no databases initially. The bibtex import works well, the interface is nice as is the “basket” of citations. It falls down when it comes to export – the HTML lacks volume/page information for instance. And of course as PubMed can’t export bibtex, you need a conversion utility such as bibutils.
It’s amusing that RefDB is conspicuously absent from the Bibliophile projects list. I suspect that its stubborn insistence on bleeding edge libdbi libraries that noone can get it to link to has been the death of this previously useful project.

So the quest continues…

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