It’s that time of year again, when the IWC meet in some exotic location and discuss the politics of whaling. Their website is quite informative and worth a visit.

I admit that when it comes to this issue, I remove my scientist hat. One of my favourite activities at this time of year is taking a trip to Cape Solander in Botany Bay National Park and watching migrating humpback whales. My simple viewpoint is that shooting beautiful, intelligent creatures in the head with an exploding harpoon is wrong. End of story. I don’t really care if certain populations are “sustainable”. I have no time at all for the Japanese “research” argument, which is so obviously a cover for their whale meat industry. And I don’t buy the cultural “we’ve always done it” argument either. Not so long ago, hanging people for petty theft and sending small children to work in chimneys was part of my culture. We stopped those things because society decided that they were wrong.

One thought on “Whaling

  1. Here here. The entire tired canon of Japanese justifications reeks to high heaven of “we want to, so we’ll excuse it any way we can”. I usually deplore activism as a waste of time, but a few whale blubber cocktails served to the IWC would be very satisfying…

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