Thoughts on Twiki

I’ve not posted much in the Research Diary blog category of late, largely because I’ve moved to a new system for keeping a daily record of research activity. In our group we are using Twiki as a private lab intranet solution and it’s working pretty well. Read on for my thoughts on Twiki. I’ll probably post the occasional Research Diary article here if it’s worth sharing (e.g. a handy BioPerl tip).

So what’s Twiki? A wiki of course – it might not have been my first choice of wiki, but was set up before my arrival. It’s very free-form, which I think puts some people off, so it’s not the place for structured data. My group uses it for all sorts of stuff – protocols, minutes of meetings and so on and I’m using it just to jot down daily research notes, bits of data, code, links to data or publications and so on. I’ve found it works really well for those sorts of tasks, helps keep me on track, reminds me of what I’ve done and need to do.