Ubuntu 6.06

Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake!) has been out for a week or so and I’m off down the upgrade path

…somewhat less than satisfying. First, be sure to read the note about a PCMCIA services hang. It may save you an hour or so of pain. Second, my previously functional sound card now isn’t. Third, various useful packages including modconf and OpenOffice 2 have vanished.

Note for the many people on the Ubuntu forums who also lost their sound – the required module for your soundcard probably isn’t loading anymore. Install modconf (if it was removed), run ‘lspci’ to get your soundcard chipset, check the alsa pages for the required module, reload and reboot.

Note for the Ubuntu people – I don’t think you’ve done yourselves any favours with this release. Aside from the PCMCIA issue, an upgrade that messes up a previously good OS is not going to win people over.