Hobbits revisited

Homo floresiensis, or “Flores Man”, or “the hobbits” are back in the news, with rival palaeoanthropologists suggesting that the fossils are microcephalic modern humans, not a new species.

If you have access to Science magazine, you can read:

One thought on “Hobbits revisited

  1. The microcephaly argument has been around since the discovery of the remains. There are two confounders to this whole story, both of modern origin: the small sample size (n=1), common to archaeology; and the pissing contests between rival research groups, with fossils not being available for study, personal feuds etc, also common to archaeology. I’ve interacted with some of the Aussie factions in the past, and they remain in my mind as a classic example of the cardinal academic sin: buying your own BS (sipping your own cool-aid, for our American correspondents).

    The published papers tend to be dense anatomical descriptions, and therefore somewhat inaccessible. I’m therefore still agnostic on whether Hfl is in fact a new species. Would be nice…

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