Back to work

It’s been a hectic 3 weeks – moved cities, found a place to live, started new job, but I’m starting to feel settled in my new home and workplace. No work machine to call my own as yet but my ancient laptop is networked, which I count as the official start of work.
For those interested, I’m now at the University of Queensland in the School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences. My new position is computational biologist to the Kobe group, where I’ll be working on computational analysis of protein structure, function and interaction, particularly of protein kinases and their substrates.
One of my first tasks will be to take 1750 lines of javascript and convert it to a real language as part of a website overhaul. My new colleagues are also expressing interest in MamboLIMS, so that should inspire me to make some long-overdue improvements to the package. Note to self: web development is fun but ultimately unproductive in terms of publications. Get it out of the way, get down to real work.