Random notes from limbo

On my between-job travels through the internet cafes of Brisbane, I’ve noticed that a little graphic named “indent1.png” has appeared in the left menu where items are indented. I’m not sure that I like it, or of how it came to be there. The site is looking OK in Firefox I think, but not in certain Internet Explorers. Well, I could devote hours of my time to cross-browser compatibility, but frankly – use Firefox. Or anything but IE.
For anyone who knows me and wonders how it’s all going – I finally found a place to live, the new job starts next week and hopefully I’ll be settled, working and blogging again very soon.

2 thoughts on “Random notes from limbo

  1. indent1.png…

    its problably not in your template images directory.
    I had thesame problem, copied it from a mambo template waterandstone in my template/images dir, and the problem was solved.
    Its sort of a little arrow.

  2. Thanks. Yes, I took a look at the page source and came to the same conclusion. Not sure I like the little arrow, so my indent1.png is a zero-length file created using ‘touch’. Not sure how IE handles that.

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