Journal TOCs and RSS

It’s interesting to observe how your study habits change with technology. I now find that I only pay attention to journals if I’m subscribed to their RSS feed in my newsreader. I know there are the BaRf feeds and I could rig up something via PubMed but surely all journals should have a TOC RSS feed by now. That “sign up for eTOCs” link just looks so antiquated.

5 thoughts on “Journal TOCs and RSS

  1. Which aggregator do you use to handle RSS feeds from journals?

    I have tried doing the RSS feed thing for journals with NetNewsWire on Mac OS X, but I can’t seem to set it up so that long titles don’t break in undreadable ways or truncate.

    For mega-journals like PNAS, I ended up going back to eTOCs. I still have a bunch of PubMed RSS feeds that occasionally update, but I can’t imagine scanning most journals as RSS feeds.

    I am curious as to how you aggregate , how many journal feeds you read, and which ones (OPML? Reading List?)

  2. I use Liferea on Linux. Some feeds are broken, more often a feature of the feed than the reader I think. I only subscribe to a dozen or so journals in my field, plus the “big” ones. I guess a better approach might be automated PubMed searches based on topic, rather than particular journals.

  3. I use LifeRea too, with about 20-odd specific Pubmed queries (through Hubmed) and 10-odd journal tocs. Works fine for me…

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