Those of us in Linux/OSS world are often bemoaning the lack of good bibliographic software. Today I’ve come as close to happiness as I’ve ever been with Bibus.

Installation was relatively easy. I run Debian unstable and have OpenOffice 2.0 installed, so it was a case of modifying /etc/apt/sources.list to include the Bibus URLs, update and install. Most of what you need ends up in /usr/share/bibus.
I then created a MySQL database named bibus and imported the table structure with “mysql -u root -p bibus Office”). You may need to configure the database connection properly for your mysql user and passwords.

To test it out, I ran a PubMed search within Bibus, selected a reference and hit “Ctrl-I”. Lo and behold, with OpenOffice Writer running, up comes your citation and bibliography. Select a new format style in Bibus, hit “Ctrl-F” and your OpenOffice style updates. Brilliant.
There’s a few technicalities involving OpenOffice and ODBC than I don’t quite get yet, but on the whole this is really promising.