Changes to this website

I thought it was time for a few changes around here. First, I’ve moved from Mambo to Joomla. They’re very similar, but Joomla seems to have the edge when it comes to module and component development. As an example, I’ve upgraded the photo galleries to Gallery 2, which integrates nicely into Joomla.

The other major change is this blog, which replaces the old Blosxom blogs. It’s built using JD-WordPress, a component that integrates WordPress into Joomla from the people at Joomla Developing. Seems to work very nicely.

Hope you find the changes to your liking, let me know if there are any issues.

3 thoughts on “Changes to this website

  1. Hi Neil,
    I saw the Joomla site on the net and was going to email you about these, but I should have known you’d be one step ahead….
    I still have not gotten-round to implementing a CMS but I think your recommendation from last year was on the ball.

    ps I was amused by you ‘desperate’ blog, I couldn’t agree more!


  2. Hi Neil,
    Did you import your previous blog database into Joomla! or just start over. I am guessing the former. I have a WordPress blog called that is powered by WordPress 2.0 and I am moving it over to a new site called where the blog will be a part of a larger site.

    I cannot seem to find a method to move/copy/whatever that database from WP to use in in the JD-WordPress. Any ideas? I have 300+ articles that I don’t want to ‘manually’ move ;).

    Email me if you think that is better.

    Thanks – Bob

  3. My previous blog was built using blosxom. I imported posts into this one using the RSS import feature of JD WordPress. So if your old WP blog has RSS feeds enabled, that should work for you.

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