OOo Statistics

I’ve recently been trying to get my head around some multivariate statistical methods, specifically canonical discriminant analysis (often referred to as CDA or MDA, or qda/lda if using R).

Googling around, I came across OOoMacros, a collection of macros for OpenOffice.  There you can find a package called OOo Statistics which includes several multivariate methods including CDA (Manova), principal components and correspondence analysis.

Just unzip, open the .sxc file and hit the install button.  On my Debian unstable, no joy using OpenOffice 2.0 but it works fine with 1.1.4.  Very slow – it is OO Basic after all, but at least I can get my data in and start analysing straight away, rather than reading R documentation for a week and being
none the wiser.